mongoDB monitoring plugin for Oracle Enterprise Manager

Manage many as one

Gain centralised visibility of all mongoDB database environments and a single view of component availability and performance at both a database and estate level

Related databases can be linked together to form mongoDB environments - key metrics viewed through the Environment At A Glance page

Lower the overall cost of ownership of estate management

Facilitate a reduction in cost and complexity within environments that use a combination of mongoDB and Oracle components

Monitoring and Alerting

Monitoring and alerting of mongoDB components is enabled by default

Over 140 metrics are available for use out of the box

Support for both SSL and non-SSL secured environments

Use custom monitoring templates and template collections to standardise, extend and automatically enforce monitoring and alerting behaviour

Enforce property based monitoring and alerting standards for target sub-categories, eg. for Production targets

Define metric alerting rules and notify administrators of problems through SNMP or email (SMTP)

Detailed realtime and historical analysis

Comprehensive monitoring pages detail key realtime performance metrics

Undertake realtime and historical metric analysis and trending for single or multiple targets

Perform key metric comparisons between targets


Detailed configuration collected at both a host and mongoDB level

Compare and trend configuration to enforce site specific standards

Set configuration standards - check and enforce at a site level

View detailed configuration snapshot information

Track historical changes across the entire mongoDB estate


Out of the box reports provide health and configuration reporting capability at a target, environment and estate level

Initiate realtime reports or schedule for later execution

Email reporting output or stage on the public EM reporting url

Create additional user defined reports to extend reporting capability for your estate

JavaScript Job Scheduling

Create, run or schedule custom JavaScript jobs against mongoDB databases

Save jobs within the EM job library for reuse

Build a library of custom .js scripts for your site

Link related targets

Group like targets together and monitor as one

Leverage EM's topology framework - a top down graphical representation of your environment detailing core metrics and component status

Gain a true top down view of all application tiers

Enforce Service Level Agreements and provide realtime system level monitoring dashboards

Capacity Planning

Measure, trend and predict capacity demand for the estate

Monitor current storage usage across a database or site

Trend historical growth at a database or estate level

Product Compatibility

Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control version and above

mongoDB version 2.6.5 and above

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